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RE: Diplomacy

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> there are the Fred Turners who wish to remind us of the
> social order of
> Professional Engineers.

I am reminded of a diagram I saw once, in a history textbook, depicting the
"social order" of things. It showed the "peasants" standing in a large mass
at ground level, holding on their shoulders and backs a platform, on which
stood a slightly smaller group of "craftsmen." On their shoulders, another
platform, and a still smaller group of wealthy landowners stood upon it.

They in turn upheld a group of clergymen, and on their shoulders stood the
petty noblemen, on theirs, the high noblemen, and finally, topping the
pyramid, the king.

This pyramidal structure was believed by conventional wisdom of Late
Medieval Europe, to be established by God.

Seems there are still true believers, even today.