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RE: Gas Prices?!

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> They used the supply and demand theory. They DEMAND more money because
they don't have the
> SUPPLY that its competitors have.

Whoops, I TOTALLY missed this one.

Let's parse these sentences:

1. "They use the supply and demand theory." Well, for one thing, you don't
USE an economic theory like this; you recognize that it exists and use that
knowledge to anticipate market activity that might affect you. The theory of
supply and demand infers that the market is too big for anyone to
manipulate, because there are ALWAYS people ready to take advantage and
supply a demand. The only way you're going to "control" this situation is to
be the only kid on the block. when brings me to:

2. "They DEMAND more money because they don't have the SUPPLY that its
competitors have." The last time I can remember that someone relied on such
a STUPID assumption as this, was when the American automakers convinced
themselves that they could remain fat, dumb and happy, continuing to make
huge gas-guzzling cars even in the face of a worldwide oil embargo followed
by a precipitous rise in world oil prices (how's that for tying the ends

We all know what happened: foreign automakers, who really DID know what so
many Americans wanted, snuck in the back door and gave it to 'em, and the
landscape was changed forever.

The fact is this: How can a company "demand more money because they don't
have the supply their competitors have" when the consumers can simply go to
the competitors, hm?

I repeat: THIS is an idiotic statement.

So in conclusion, perhaps the originator of these fallacious statements can
go back to first principles, and really ask the hard, tough question: Why
are prices for gasoline as high as they are, when the "big oil companies,"
all of whom are actually owned by investors who look just like you and me,
only get a few cents per gallon of their product? What is the BIGGEST SINGLE
COST involved in getting the gas from the pump into your car?

The answer: It is federal, state and local taxes. But since the Clintonistas
have been so very successful in making so many of us "feel good about
ourselves" by taxing holy hell out of us during times of "relative"
prosperity, for some reason we will hew their party line (reinforced by Tom,
Dan and Peter, not to mention Ms. Fonda's husband) and totally ignore the
criminal confiscation they indulge in daily.

That, my friends is stupidity, lunacy, or both.