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Re: Gas Prices?!

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The whole Cheveron oil refinery on fire thing has no real effect on oil
prices, since most of the product from that refinery in the Bay Area isn't
even for public sale.  Has everyone forgotten that right before the gas
price hike, OPEC met and agreed to cut the amount of oil exported by some 2
million barrels per day?  There is little we can do to fight these prices as
I fear they are here to stay for quite some time.  Driving is a privillege
that many, many people take for granted.  Here in California, our love for
our cars is reflected in the gas prices buried within the taxes that pay for
our roads and for good ol' Caltrans etc.  So perhaps in California the
problem is ourselves who rely on our autos so much.  We just have to uh,
bend over and take it until we realize this.