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RE: SEAINT Online Available Copies to Professional Organizations

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I have been with the association for over 15 years. There is no rancor.
Both SEAOSC and SEAONC are powerful and large organizations with
approximately 1700 members in each. There are agreements and disagreements
on many issues. However, overall they are strong partners.

The SEAINT-Online newsletter was not returned due to any friction. Northern
California sends their monthly newsletter via first class mail. Adding the
SEAINT-Online was costing them 55 cents extra per copy which amounts to
$935. They run tight on budget and did not budget this expenditure. Even
though this all makes sense, personally I think the decision made was
wrong. For the benefit of membership, 55 cents is a small expense and they
can easily afford it.

Hope that helps.


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>> SEA of Northern California has chosen not to distribute the
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>> the SEAOSC
>> office.
>I am a visitor here, and ignorant of the cold war that appears to be a
>reality, between SEASOC and SEAONC. Please forgive me if I open a can of
>worms, but can someone explain to me, briefly and without too much
>editorialization, what the source of the rancor might be?