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CE News needs your opinion

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Dear fellow engineers:

I'm the publisher of the national monthly magazine, CE News. This
magazine focuses on the information needs of civil engineers and
surveyors. It provides current news of the industry along with
professional perspectives of monthly columnists, civil engineering firm
company profiles, firm and project management how-to's, technical
workshops and a wide variety of other news features. It has been well
received in the industry and has a total readership of more than 45,000
civil engineers.

It has come to my attention that many magazines exist that serve
architects, more architects, construction contractors, civil engineers,
environmental engineers, surveyors... the list goes on. But presently,
the structural engineer seems to be left out of the mix of professional
magazines. With this in mind, CE News is exploring the concept of
developing a spin-off monthly magazine dedicated to the structural
engineer. The editorial and advertising mix would be of high quality and
as varied and light as CE News, but with a very differentiated slant
towards the practicing structural engineer.

It seems obvious to me that structural engineers are in need of an
official national voice. One that has the ways and means to obtain the
short and long term goals of this overlooked profession. A quality
magazine of this type could easily advance the public image of the
structural engineer, taking the profession to a higher level.

What do you think? If this type of publication were mailed free to you
each month, would you subscribe? Would the SEA organization be
interested in some sort of coordination? Your thoughts and comments

Thank you very much for your time and input.

Terry G. Stringer, P.E.
CE News
770-664-2812, x13