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Re: Concrete Frame Rigidity

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There is just no substitute for a book, electronic or otherwise.  The ACI
has (had) a nifty little publication on the lateral load response for small
concrete frames.  It's great on the the concept and fundamentals.  I can't
put my hands on it now for the life of me but I'm sure you'll find it in
their pubs list on maybe web site.  Maybe one of our fellows can help me
with the exact title.


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Date: Thursday, May 13, 1999 3:57 PM
Subject: Concrete Frame Rigidity

>I need a refresher course in lateral load distribution.  I need to find the
>center of rigidity of a concrete frame building.  I can't find a reference
>that illustrates how to do this.  All I find is concrete/masonry wall
>I have a 2 story concrete framed structure in the Dominican Republic.  I
>to locate the center of rigidity.  Unfortunately the structure and framing
>not symmetrical so I need to calculate rigidity of the concrete frames.  It
>is also irregular in plan.  I know rigidity is the reciprocal of defection,
>but is there an easy way to calculate this for rigid frames?
>I appreciate all insight into this topic.
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