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RE: Concrete Frame Rigidity

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If you're using a manual computation, the solution is like solving for the
centroid of a section. That is taking summation of an area*distance to a
specified point. (A(total)*xbar=S(An*xn)). But the area would be changed to
the moment of Inertia. You can then compute for the center of rigidity.

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> Subject: 	Concrete Frame Rigidity
> I need a refresher course in lateral load distribution.  I need to find
> the
> center of rigidity of a concrete frame building.  I can't find a reference
> that illustrates how to do this.  All I find is concrete/masonry wall
> illustrations.
> I have a 2 story concrete framed structure in the Dominican Republic.  I
> want
> to locate the center of rigidity.  Unfortunately the structure and framing
> is
> not symmetrical so I need to calculate rigidity of the concrete frames.
> It
> is also irregular in plan.  I know rigidity is the reciprocal of
> defection,
> but is there an easy way to calculate this for rigid frames?
> I appreciate all insight into this topic.
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