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RE: Gas Prices?!

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Actually, there is more to the story;

1.) Earlier this year gas WAS $0.99 in Northern California, at Arco,
despite our taxes.
1a.) Currently the range is $1.30-$1.67 in ONE block, from Redding
Petroleum to Shell.
2.) Arco buys its gas for Northern California stations from Shell, which
has a refinery here.
Arco is 10-25% cheaper. Same gas.
3.) After witnessing the Cheveron explosion in Richmond, I watched gas
station attendants raise the prices  $0.30, and more, after normal business
hours when they normally alter the prices.
3a.) If this were an OPEC related rise, the rest of the country would have
experienced an equal-percentage rise in price. This has not happened,
disproving the OPEC theory.
4.) The CEO of Chevron was interviewed on the local news and said that, why
yes, profits are way up, thank you very much!
4a.) Early on, increased prices were blamed directly on the explosion.
5.) The "sludge" referred to in earlier posts is actually just pure
gasoline without the "chemistry package" as it is referred to in the
5a.)Don't fill up during or right after the tanker refills the underground
tanks, they kick up debris/deposits from all underground tanks
6.)Bill, it isn't the taxes per se, it is the fact that California cannot
import gas from other states, thanks to our asinine legislature. Gas can't
be trucked in from anywhere else, like it can in every other. (Milk is the
same way - it has to be "fortified"!) If California didn't have this
artificial monopoly, we'd all be better off.

Steve Strapac
P.S. Buy from Redding Petroleum

At 12:04 PM 5/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
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>> Sick of paying close to $2 a gallon?     This can work, but
>> you have to do
>> two things:
>> 1. Do not shop at Chevron
>> 2. Send this on to everybody you know
>I'll tell you what. Let's do a little thought-problem here.
>First, understand that I don't live in California, I live in Texas. Gas
>prices here are about $1.05 or so for regular unleaded.
>Why do you suppose that is?  What could account for the difference?
>Here's a little hint: Instead of worrying about the few cents from each
>gallon of gasoline that Chevron and friends make, how about a concern for
>the more than FORTY CENTS PER GALLON that are taken up in federal and state
>(and possibly, local) taxes!
>If the feds, the state of California (or wherever), and anyone else with
>their tax-finger in the pie would back off, the gas prices wouldn't BE where
>they are now!
>Instead of punishing the shareholders of Chevron, who are honest citizens
>like yourself, why not begin holding our tax-and-spend President, congress,
>governor(s) and legislator(s) accountable for THEIR share of this misery?
>The reason that our taxes are too high, IMO, is there are too many IDIOTS
>running around like this guy, trying to point the finger of blame in every
>direction but where it belongs. I understand it is probably because he/she
>is a product of government schooling, as are the majority of the electorate,
>but perhaps the rest of us, who can actually think for ourselves, won't be
>so easily taken in.