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Re: Seismic Upgrade ..... Appeal to those who created the code

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In a message dated 5/13/99 5:01:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
cgreenlaw(--nospam--at) writes:

<< But the really dismaying part of Mr Sadre's account is his attempt
 to mollify unhappy code users with a facile and convenient version of
 history that won't square with what this Committee participant knows from
 being there at the time. >>

Chuck, you have more than adequately enlightened most of us from your 
experiences on Seismology. I have great respect for you but don't fully agree 
with your assessment.
Ali Sadre responded to the list on his own volition and tried to offer a 
history as he knows or understands it to be. Ali and I met once in passing in 
a hotel in San Francisco during a day when Seismolgy Committee were in the 
same place as the Computer Applications committee. 
I believe that the intention is to admit that there is a problem - regardless 
of the history, with the present interpretation and the liability issues 
which have admittedly been overlooked in the past. For whatever reasons, the 
code does not work for residential structures and it is my understanding that 
Ali understands this.
I'm not sure if he has followed the list closely enough to understand the 
depth of the issues as it applies to those of us who practice on wood frame 
strutures, and this appears to be evident in his belief that a simple 
clarification in the blue book can clear up the whole thing.
I followed up his post and asked that he consider submitting a position 
statement of intention from Seismology to the list for review and approval so 
as to afford us the opportunity to insure adequate coverage from liability.
I don't feel this is an unreasonable request as it comes from those of us, 
unlike many of the Seismology members, who have been threatened by this 
liability and who have a greater understanding of the performance of wood 
structures from a practical point of view.

I think that confrontation is not the issue right now, but resolution of a 
problem. It would be nice to have a calm platform to debate history, but this 
seems counterproductive to the main issue of repairing an inadvertent 
liability issue and methodology requirment.