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Re: 30; 000 foot Skyscraper.. .......!!!!!!

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	Extend your building on out into space so that a good portion of the mass
is acted on by the centrifical force of the earths rotation.  You will of
course need an extensive computer controlled thruster system to normalize
drift during jet stream and storm activity etc...  You will need to build
your structure at or near the equator.  The building columns would then be
in tension.  I haven't really run any numbers but I doubt if materials with
adequate tensile strength have been invented yet. The foundation will need
to be anchored several miles into the earths crust.  This new building can
now be used as a docking link to outerspace.  If you would like I can be
retained to do the design concept for .005% of construction cost which I
estimate to be about 40.0 x 10 to the 12th (trillion) dollars.  Making the
engineering concept fee 20 billion dollars.  The hard part will be getting
that first cable into space but thats the contractors problem, means and
methods you know.  (The above idea comes from a Sci-fi book I read years
ago.  The author and book name escapes me.)