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Charles O. Greenlaw's May 13,1999 Comments "Re:Seismic Upgrade...."

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Charles Greenlaw continues to make significant contributions to the 
structural engineering profession by his very informative and well written 
messages to the SEAOSC List Server.   His continued dedication to presenting 
his knowledge and  the historical background concerning many of the important 
issues the structural engineering profession faces today is to be commended.  
I appreciate the time, effort, reasoned logic and  his writing skills to 
present the information that he puts in his messages.  I print out his 
messages and carefully read them.

While I do not agree with, let alone understand, everything he presents, I 
certainly look forward to his thoughts and defend his right to present them.

Frank E. McClure    FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)   May 14, 1999