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Re: 30; 000 foot Skyscraper.. .......!!!!!!

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>	Extend your building on out into space so that a good portion of the 
>is acted on by the centrifical force of the earths rotation.  You will of
>course need an extensive computer controlled thruster system to normalize
>drift during jet stream and storm activity etc...  You will need to build
>your structure at or near the equator.  The building columns would then be
>in tension.  I haven't really run any numbers but I doubt if materials with
>adequate tensile strength have been invented yet.

You are talking about a space elevator and a few years ago a research group 
came up with a carbon fiber that actually had the strength required to build 
one.  Of course with was just in a lab, not production quality material but 
they are working on it. And as you build it at the equator you also want the 
highest starting elevation you can get.  And I hate to be bringing in 
economics again but wouldn't it make a lot more sense to make the building 
larger and shorter and so you can get the same useable volume with 
significantly less material.  Or what about going the other way and build 
down instead of up?