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Re: 1997 Building drift limits

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Mr Sadre, you may consider recommending the issuing of  addendums to the
Volumes as a vehicle for adding comments or addressing typos.  Please note the

Seismic Design Volume 1

Pg11: Discussion at the end of the page is not clear.  It seems an attempt is
made to show compatibility of the load combination methods for ASD,  but, since
the resulting example values/ratios do not yield close enough values, the
usefulness of the comments is unclear.

Pg12: The gravity load symbol shown in the figure provided has an apparent
erroneous arrowhead added at the far right, at the end fo the top line. Minor
thing but I though I point it out anyways.

Pg 14: The statement/equation "Ve=2,875 lbs", at the very top of the page, has
the numbers 7 and 5 transpose.  It should read 2,857.

Pg 14: The unit symbol "k" is missing from the value 2.857, at the top of the

Pg16: Consider adding additional discussion as to why the 1/3 is not permitted
in 1612.3.1  I know it has to do with how the ASCE report lists computes the
factors but a general comment would be great.

Minor items overall.  Anyways, just a thought.

ed gonzalez