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building on elevated ground

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I  designed a  three storey RC school building
on site which is an elevated natural ground 5'  above the road. The retainwall is about
20' from the building line. My design uses a 9' wide continuous footing located 5'6" below
natural ground. The old  two story building has concrete columns which is also the location
of my new columns. The old footings is  4'-6" x 4-6" wide and 16" thick. The contractor
proposed  to place the new footing 3'  below natural ground which will be on top of the old spread
footings and offered to deduct  demolition and excavation costs from his contract.
I will have to check the Beaing capacity at 3' level. My problem is how to check for
the effect of seismic load on the retaining wall due to new building because the footing will be
2' above the road elevation. The overburden load will be neglibible.
I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Alex Nacionales, C.E.