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RE: Ron Gallagher's Comments in SEAOC Plan Review

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I've been sitting on the side watching this one and getting more and more
disappointed in the responses.  The question Dennis originally posed may not
have been as politic as he might have made it but was a reasonable ISSUE for
discussion.  Instead, the discussion has degenerated into a school yard
brawl with several responders hurling insults rather than ideas back and
forth. Can we maybe get back to the issue and leave the personal insults out
of it?

One thing I've learned, from being an elected official that has been in many
controversial discussions, is that discussion of areas of disagreement
usually enlightens everyone.  Discussion of personalities and personal
insults do not.  

I'm not suggesting all responders acted this way, but if the shoe fits
please realize you are rapidly losing your credibility.  We have an
outstanding tool in this list server to have discussions of many topics of
interest.  Much good and good information has come out of it.  Please don't
destroy it with pettiness.
Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA