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RE: CE News needs your opinion

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Title: RE: CE News needs your opinion

Suzanne Warden asked:

1)  Do you have an estimate of how many Structural Engineers are registered in North America? Globally?

There is a big conspiracy to keep this a secret!  Nobody knows how many structural engineers are practicing in the United States.  They are licensed (not registered) in most states simply as PEs, not SEs.  I recall NCSEA boasting a year or two ago that they now represent 80,000 structural engineers.  On this basis, I would guess that there are about 100,000 licensed engineers practicing structural engineering in the U.S., and maybe another 30,000 who are not licensed.  Globally, add another 5% (just kidding, perhaps 150-200% would be more like it).

2)  How many are in private consultative practices;  How many in architectural firms?

I would guess that 60-75% are in private practice in either engineering or architecture firms.  Of these, I would guess that 80% are in engineering firms or EA firms of various sizes, and the remainder are in architecture firms or AE firms.

3a)  Is there a specialized degree or designation for those specializing in steel-framed structures? What percentage of the SE population are these?

The answer to the first question is no, without any guesswork required.  The answer to the second question is more subjective.  Outside of California, nearly all structural engineers often design in steel (but very few if any restrict their design work to steel).  In California, there are apparently a number of engineers who design primarily in wood.  This is apparently because they enjoy the prescriptive requirements of the building codes (still just kidding).

3)  Do you have an estimate of how many have internet access?

My guess, with no supporting data, is 40-50%.

Now then, with all of the opinions stated above and $1.68 (incl. tax), you can go buy a Latte Grande at Starbucks.  We are lucky that our automobiles run on gasoline, and not coffee!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas