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Re: fem & caissons

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Mark, I do not any direct answers to your question.  But based on the
information you provided, please note that if you are considering modeling a
column/caison using Risa's plate/shell elements based on the spread footing
example in the manual, consider varifying with Risa Tech. that infact, the
sample they show was correct.  I think the example they show is not intended to
mean that their elements can approximate solid element behavior but it is
intended more to illustrate general FEM approximation.  I say this because some
of their elements width/thickness dimension ratios already exceed 1.0.  I guess
it also depends on how you layout the elements.

If this is not what you are thinking of doing, please disregard.

ed gonzalez

>>> "Mark D. Baker" <shake4bake(--nospam--at)> 05/13/99 10:20AM >>>
Has anyone had success trying to model an embedded pile subject to
lateral loads with Risa3d ? I know vertical load can be assessed for a
spread footing modelling plate/shell elements but I'd like to try it
with a round drilled, cast-in-place pile. Any body had success or
failure with this they would like to share?