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That's P4800 / month. Or 185 pesos / day including Saturdays.
That's no joke. Well others would receive around P8000 per month but that's
doing structural engineering consultancy for the government.
Anyway, a 2 - year experience would guarantee an increase in pay and if you're
lucky, a promotion.
The rate I've given applies to a new graduate of civil engineering.

A.  Yango
        In the Philippines right after you finish BSCE you are a Cadet Engineer and the P4800 / month is worth US $130 (conversion factor 37). This is near the median salary for new graduates but some cities have higher pay considering the standard of living.
        (To all Filipino CE) I think we should not let the rest of the Structural Engineers who read this list wonder how it come to happen. Let us not compare chicks to roosters. If possible, please provide them with the salary scale of our Structural Engineers, not from the new graduates. I believe we should mention here the salary of those with at least ten years experience and be more specific whether such rate is for those in private practice or as employees.
Churchill Lagrimas
First Place May 1991 CE Licensure Examinations

Here in the Philippines, a new graduate of civil engineering would receive  only P4800 if he/she goes into structural. How's that?
I have NO IDEA how that is. What is the median income in the Phillipines, in that currency?