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Re: Gas Prices?!

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Here in the UK the price of gas is $5/gallon of which around 86% is tax!!
Whilst you may have an axe to grind think of your poor cousins over the pond
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Date: 13 May 1999 07:40
Subject: Re: Gas Prices?!

>The whole Cheveron oil refinery on fire thing has no real effect on oil
>prices, since most of the product from that refinery in the Bay Area isn't
>even for public sale.  Has everyone forgotten that right before the gas
>price hike, OPEC met and agreed to cut the amount of oil exported by some 2
>million barrels per day?  There is little we can do to fight these prices
>I fear they are here to stay for quite some time.  Driving is a privillege
>that many, many people take for granted.  Here in California, our love for
>our cars is reflected in the gas prices buried within the taxes that pay
>our roads and for good ol' Caltrans etc.  So perhaps in California the
>problem is ourselves who rely on our autos so much.  We just have to uh,
>bend over and take it until we realize this.