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Re: Top 6 Reasons

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] In response to Debby Hight and Lynn Howard , YANK, Btrvlr, Stan Caldwell, David Yamashita, Mr. Gordin and everyone/anyone who has either posted a joke or read a joke or heard or listened to a joke ever:

The top 6 reasons why ppl may find some jokes offensive:
1.  It hits too close to home--if we 'identify' with a lack or perceived shortcoming, of course, we don't think it's funny;
2.  We may not 'get it'--in which case, again we perceive a shortcoming within ourselves--ergo, not funny;
3.  We may have a singular sense of humor which precludes appreciation of any deviant humors that do not conform to our ideas of 'funny';
4.  We may be having a 'bad hair' day, or week, or month--in which case, nothing is funny;
5.  The 'humorous' situation depicted could, in itself, be 'hurtful'--or depict hurtful situations (i.e., ppl's stupidities resulting in serious accidents portrayed as 'funny') and we are focusing on the results (the hurt) and not the "joke"; and
6.  Whenever we personalize a joke--to isolate a particular segment of the population--that group may well be offended to be singled out.

But, as Lynn writes, these 'jokes' are all over the place.  The reader/listener always has a choice:  walk away, delete, ignore--or, in my case, sometimes enjoy, sometimes ponder, and once in a while, edit for future use!

Q:  why did audra ranous respond to this posting?
A:  because she could!  <ha ha ha?!!>