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RE: Gas Prices?!

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> Subject: RE: Gas Prices?!
> Actually, there is more to the story;
> 1.) Earlier this year gas WAS $0.99 in Northern California, at Arco,
> despite our taxes.

And it was $0.74 per gallon in Houston.

> 3.) After witnessing the Cheveron explosion in Richmond, I watched gas
> station attendants raise the prices  $0.30, and more, after
> normal business
> hours when they normally alter the prices.

Sounds like free enterprise at work to me. Or do you think to yourself "I'd
better not charge my clients as much as I'd like, it wouldn't be 'right'"?

> 3a.) If this were an OPEC related rise, the rest of the
> country would have
> experienced an equal-percentage rise in price. This has not happened,
> disproving the OPEC theory.

And thereby putting the onus back on taxes. Which you studiously avoid.

> 4.) The CEO of Chevron was interviewed on the local news and
> said that, why
> yes, profits are way up, thank you very much!


> 6.)Bill, it isn't the taxes per se, it is the fact that California cannot
import gas from
> other states, thanks to our asinine legislature. Gas can't be trucked in
from anywhere
> else, like it can in every other. (Milk is the same way - it has to be
"fortified"!) If
> California didn't have this artificial monopoly, we'd all be better off.

But the point is, you're "hostage" to your government, and the sense that
you must then turn around and take it out on innocent shareholders doesn't
follow. The fact is that no one is making the demands of their government
that they should, anymore, because they think it is pointless to do so.

When Clinton rammed through the largest increase in the income tax EVER done
in one fell swoop, hardly anyone raised a whimper, even though it increased
the tax bill of the average American taxpayer by about 12%.

But when banks decided to charge about a buck for an ATM transaction when
you use a "foreign" ATM, people were outraged! Congressional hearings were

It just makes no sense, and it is a sign, to me, that we have turned from
"government by the people," to "government by the apparatchiks."

Fingers are pointed the wrong way.