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Re: Live Load Distribution to Spandrel Girder vs. Effective Flange Width

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Hola Rodrigo

Soy un Ingeniero Estructural en Bogota Colombia

Interesante comunicarnos sobre temas Estructurales, estamos estrenando un Codigo Estructural, muy actualizado

Juan Tamasco

P.D. Todos somos hinchas de Boca

Rodrigo Lema wrote:

 What I don't understand is: the girder you're concerned is parallel to the ribs, right?  And the ribs are in turn supported by a transverse girder, am I correct? So, if the girders (the parallel) are monolithical with the slab and they are much stiffer than the ribs, then the joists (=ribs, right?) aren't even aware of the presence of the slab and the load.  That's why I wouldn't count on the joist carrying much of the load. Rodrigo Lema.-