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RE: Seismic Upgrade ..... Appeal to those who created the code

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Odd, how unrelated topics relate.

Bill Polhemus wrote, in connection with Gas Prices,

  >It just makes no sense, and it is a sign, to me, that we have turned from
  >"government by the people," to "government by the apparatchiks."
  >Fingers are pointed the wrong way.

O.K., Let's look now at "those who created the [seismic] code".

It wasn't  building official "apparatchiks"; they look to the structural
engineering community, the "people", for what the seismic code should say. 
It's been that way from the beginning, except maybe in the very earliest
days, pre-SEAOC, when the insurance industry, but still using some SE's, put
out recommended code provisions.

There's a lot of unrest among "the people" now about the seismic code, which
looks for all the world like government imposed it from the top down as an
unnecessarily fussy and burdensome nuisance that won't give results that
begin to justify its disadvantages.

But "the people" know it wasn't government that perpetrated the seismic
code. Government enforcement folks actually watered it down a little, to
help themselves AND to help that segment of engineering "people" stuck with
using it.  

Who does that leave to be upset with?  Another segment of "the people" who
have unexpectedly taken over and out-apparatchik'ed  the government.  Now
fingers are slowly being pointed the right way: to the perpetrators within.

Charles O. Greenlaw,  SE   Sacramento    CA