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Re: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Female

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Mr. Polhemus:
    This is NOT a gender issue:  many males may be offended as well--but
have not spoken up.  Please, do not make generalities regarding a person's
sensitivities.  People are entitled to their feelings without judgement
from others--and, as i've seen so far, people on this list server are
entitled to voice their opinions, too.

Sincerely,   audra ranous

Bill Polhemus wrote:

> > Sorry, I just had to respond.
> > Debby Hight
> I'm constantly amazed at how thin-skinned many women are.
> I consistently hear "man jokes," and think most of 'em are pretty darn
> funny. It occurs to me that very, very few men get offended by them.
> I think if I can take a joke, a woman ought to.