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RE: Augercast piles

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Chapter 6 in Dowrick's, "Earthquake Resistant Design" is very informative in
this area.  You will have bending in the pile, and I design auger cast piles
as if they were a caisson.

A 16" auger cast pile is very difficult to reinforce with a cage.  I would
tend to use an 18" auger cast pile just to facilitate a larger cage.  Keep
in mind that the cage is floated in after the grout is in place.

A good specification is vital.  Also limit the contractors who can do the
work, and call the references.  There are only a few "qualified" auger cast
pile contractors.  There are many who will bid the work.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Augercast piles

I have a project in zone 3 with augercast piles, and the soils engineer has
given me the following design criteria:  16 inch dia piles, allowable load
100 K, depth to fixity 10 feet.
My question is, is there a minimum amount of vertical reinforcement?

Ed Jonson