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Re: fem & caissons

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Gary Chock, S. E. wrote:

> I believe that both of you may be somewhat off-track insofar as the
> modeling for this type of analysis.  Laterally loaded piles and caissons
> behave in a nonlinear response....

I had been soaking up the responses to this post while trying to model the
conditions in RISA3D. I believe the response above, (echoed by several others)
to be most relevant. We have downloaded the Florida pile program and are in the
process of sorting through the analysis.

I could not get past seeing  the pile as a pipe when using plate/shell modelling
and consequently abandonded it. We are going to continue the Risa model, pile
modelled as a solid with appropriate section properties and  compression only
springs at one foot intervals simply for the purpose of comparing to the Florida
program. No, we don't really have time for this but, inquisitive minds want to