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Re: MaxBeam, MaxQuake, MaxWind

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Dennis Wish wrote:

"I do, however, have a bias toward any software that places powerful tools
unskilled hands. This happens to be one that I suspect is used predominately
by non-engineers. Is this bad - in my opinion yes. I've used this analogy
many times: A doctor who specializes in Brain Surgery while trying to build
business as a Protologist will have patients with crap for brains. Sorry,
I don't know of a more direct way to state my passionate opinon on this


First off, let me state that I agree with you on the major premise, any
software tool is dangerous when utilized without adequate understanding of
the mechanics and assumptions being employed; whether utilized by an
engineer or not.

On the other hand, if non-engineers want to spend countless hours of their
time attempting to perform engineering, who cares!  They cannot stamp the
results and bestow professional blessing upon them.

Paul Feather PE