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Re: Scour Around bridge Piers

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We use a lot of the information provided by the Corps. The HEC-RAS program is available for free off of the Corps Hydraulic Engineering Center website, which has a couple volumes of technical information in PDF format that goes along with the program. The appendices have many discussions on modeling scour around bridge piers. You might also try to get some the of Hydraulic Engineering Circulars, such as HEC-20 and 23, from FHWA.
Corps Hydraulic Engineering Center
ACOE Hompage
FHWA Hydraulics Page
In addition, you might try your state highway department. I know MD SHA has there own spreadsheet for abutment scour calculations, because at one time they did not agree with the methods being applied. Hope this information helps.
Richard Lindenberg, E.I.T.
Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.