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Re: STAAD Results interpretation

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I found a major error last year in Staad III. We were designing a concrete
tank basin with 60'0"" girders whereby large Torques were present on the
girder from out of plane wind. I had 15 different load cases and the the
stirrup design stopped on the first load case and did not check the other
14. We reported this to Staad III and so far to the best of my knowledge
they have not fixed it.
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Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 11:32 PM
Subject: STAAD Results interpretation

>I use STAAD3 for most of my design computations for frames, beams, columns.
>Now I had to analyze a dual system for a 4-storey frame. I am confused with
>the results of  STAAD specifically the walls. I inputted the command "Print
>Element Forces". I also specified to print the element forces at the nodes.
>It does print the stresses and the forces but at what point are the forces
>acting. It prints the Fx , Fy and Fxy. Are these local or global forces?
>what is Fxy? The manual does not say what these forces are nor do they
>specify the directions. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
>I did not encounter this problem before since we were using ETABS in our
>office. Now, my only software is STAAD and I have to contend with this
>A. Yango
>CE / SE