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Re: Intellicad or Visio Technical Users

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In a message dated 5/17/99 8:15:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
k.tarlow(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dear James,
 I have just recently purchased intliicad.  I upgraded from Autocad LT and wa
 surprised at how low the price was.  The program works well.  I find it
 easier to use in many ways than autocad, but it doesn't pan and zoom as well
 as acad14.  It also doensn't handle large documents as well as acad.  I have
 some drawings that I have created from dxf files that take for ever to load
 and use.
 I haven't tried to plot with it yet (my plotter is comming on next wednesday
 Ken Tarlow >>

There are some tradeoff's. The pan functions are like the old cad days when 
you specified a start and end point for the movement of the background. I  
believe that even Autocad LT does this better by allowing a dynamic pan which 
updates the screen as you move around.
This is one of the weak features of Intellicad. Another is the lack of an 
automatic scroll bar activation. This must be done manual in each drawing by 
choosing the View menu (if I remember correctly) and then Scroll bars from 
the choices at the bottom. It would have been more useful to make this 
feature a default choice and to provide a dynamic zoom for panning.

Other than this, I found Intellicad to be very stable. The translations are 
excellent from Autcad and I really like the integration of Lisp routines, 
shape files and other scripts normally used in Autocad.

Most of those who responded use Intellicad as an individual tool to augment 
AutoCad rather than a replacement. For someone just starting out, I think 
Intellicad is an excellent value.

Remember too, Intellicad is on in the first stages of development. If Visio 
can produce something this stable and useful in Version 1.0, then they have a 
great shot at the competition once they start to add useful features.

Other CAD products to look at include - Visual Cadd 3.0 from IMSI, AutoCad LT 
98 (which still holds the top contender position), Datacad for Windows, and 
MiniCad from Diehl Graphsoft. Of these mentioned, only Intellicad and MiniCad 
are full 3D Cad programs.

Dennis Wish