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Re: CE News needs your opinion

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I've refrained from comment until now. I am concerned that the majority of 
those on the list do not see the potential for SEAINT to act as a "HUB" and 
access to any and all information that each of you would be happy to receive.
Granted, Online is not the same type of journal as the others mentioned (and 
I do appreciate those of you who added Online to your list of available 
structural engineering journals). However, Online represents a philosophy 
intended to unite professional organizations with the purpose of making 
information readily accessible to the subscriber - who in this case never 
pays a price for the service.

I would hope that some of you who responded would suggest that another 
structural engineering journal would be useful in electronic format where we 
can obtain the information easily and have the ability to archive and 
retrieve it for later consideration.

There are many journals out there and each focuses on very special areas. 
Few, other than Online, focus on the individual engineers or on the Virtual 
tools that a professional Internet presence hopes to achieve.

Please don't misunderstand my intention here - I just feel that many of you 
would be best to devote a few minutes a week writting letters or emails 
urging your local professional organizations to work with SEAINT and help 
bring the profession closer together. At the same time, it will make 
information easier for you to obtain.

CE News has been an industry leader in journals for Civil Engineers and I 
would not doubt Terry Stringers capabilities of creating a Structural 
Engineering journal that would be of value to all of us.

DEnnis S. Wish PE
Editor SEAINT Online

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rlewis(--nospam--at) writes:

<< As someone who can not afford to join all of these organizations, I would
 love to have more free structural magazines to read.  The "little engineer"
 who does not have a "big company" paying all of these organization dues can
 not afford the $150+- here and there.
 Richard Lewis, P.E.
 Missionary TECH Team
 rlewis(--nospam--at) >>