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Re: 1997 UBC How to request a REVISION

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Sorry but I thought I was responding to Ali Sadre's comments. On another side 
issue, wouldn't it be great if, rather than publishing and mailing drafts of 
the IBC, they could be available for download in PDF format?

These are some of the changes in the way we work that should be easy to 
accomplish. The IBC as other drafts are created electronically by word 
processors. For less than $300.00 the committees can purchase Adobe Acrobat 
and simply send the file to the acrobat printer rather than a hard printer. 
Very easy, very low cost and very accessible.

This is one simple suggestion that would make it easier for members or 
interested professionals to obtain drafts for comment. 

All it takes is a little cooperation with SEAINT.


PS. I sent a copy of this to Tom Campbell for ICBO as a suggestion for a way 
to make documents available to us easier and less costly than by mail. Tom, 
maybe you can pass this suggestion on to those who can institute change.

for more information go to and look up the Acrobate 4.0 product.