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Re: Seismic Upgrade ..... We need a clearer explanation

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In a message dated 5/14/99 10:02:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, ROH(--nospam--at) 

<< These provisions will be applicable to nearly all residential construction.
 While they will not "officially" take effect for a few years, it may help
 the "Standard of Care" issue to be able to point out that it was
 specfically included in the resource document recommended for future
 editions of the IBC. Also - the note Ali suggested on the design example,
 should help as well. >>

Ali's suggestion of adding a note to the blue book is great, but it is not 
enough to resolve the situation that exists.
I read your comments and had the weekend to think about if. I worried that 
you might simply leave the resolution to our problems in the hands of 
Seismolgy to correct it in future drafts or by simple note inclusions.

The biggest obstical is that the information will not reach the majority of 
the professional community. Granted, your suggestion to add an article in 
Plan Review will reach only SEAOC members, but this goes much farther as it 
can be used or submitted to uninformed building officials, friends and 
associates who are not SEA members etc.

I would be most willing to publish the same article in Online simply to 
increase the potential distribution. You might consider posting it on our 
Website for engineers who need to download it and present it with their 
designs to building officials and attorneys.

It is important that the intention for rigid diaphragm analysis or the use of 
flexible diaphragm design for residential construction be clearly and 
adequatly defined and then made easily available to all professionals who are 
unaware of these discussions.

I urge you not to bury the statement anywhere that it needs to be debated, 
interpreted or hunted for.

Dennis Wish PE