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Re: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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Dennis Wish wrote:

"We need to control the improper use of structural engineering programs at
building department level rather than restricting sales."

Ironically followed by John Ott:

"I don't want to engineer a building for free that I already know is not
 to figure. My point in bringing this condition to the attention of other
 engineers is that there is some engineers out there that don't use very
 judgement. On the surface it would seem to me that this building will not
 sustain Code provisions for lateral loads. How many of these buildings are
 out there?"

First case in point as to why the building department cannot be expected to
catch the incompetent use of software.

The excessive drift  roof structure was apparently approved, permitted, and

I would lay odds that a review of the project would show that the
calculations indicate code compliance but the drawn details do not support
the assumptions made in analysis; or the drawings will simply be completely
inadequate to properly convey the design intent with details placed few and
far between.

But it is approved and built for the public enjoyment.

Paul Feather PE

Could it be that the plan check reviewer did not perform a thorough review
because he had to run off to the BORPELS committee meeting for the all
important vote on whether or not retired engineers from other states should
be entitled to call themselves retired engineers?