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Bridge Girders with lead.

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There are methods which needle-guns connected to HEPA vacuum systems can
remove the paint and contain the waste. Try calling Mr. Bradley P. Fuller at
at (412) 262-0725. PENTEK is located in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA.

Other means are chemical cleaning, with solvents.

Good luck.

Tom Cummings, PE
Sr. Structural Engineer
URS Greiner Woodward Clyde
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Subject:  Bridge Girders with lead.

We are retrofitting a bridge built in the 60's.  We found lead in the paint
and need to do some welding.  Any method known method to deal with the
problem.   Its location made this hard to do.  I heard of a sandblasting
method in which you can recover the media real easily.  Any comments, past
experience, etc. is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Jose Mendez