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Re: MaxBeam, MaxQuake, MaxWind

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I may have been caught up in my own rhetoric myself. I think we agree on 
responsibilities of software developers and those of the engineering 

>The reason is that the public is simply ignorant of the professional 
>responsiblities and why not?
That's the reason that the learned professions are registered. The free 
market isn't going to help you pick out an open heart surgeon or a 
lawyer--you'll only know you hired a quack when you're dead or in jail.

>I believe that incompetence should be captured at the plan review stage and 
>steps should be taken to prevent those who abuse the priviledge from 
>practicing until they become competent.
This put a helluva burden on plan checkers--like giving QA people the 
right to recommend firing someone who makes a mistake.

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