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Padeye Design

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It is known that the increase of the clearance between the pin and the holes
results in a decreased ultimate capacity of the padeye. 

In pin connected plates the AISC/ASD-89 (D3-2) recommends a the diameter of
the pin hole shall not be more than 1/32 in. greater than diameter of the pin.

What are the values of the pin holes in padeyes (used to lift equipments)
that you adopt (in relation to the pin diameter)?

What do you think about this, for padeyes:

Dh = Dp + 2mm      (2mm = 0.079 in) for pin diameters up to 45 mm (1.772 in)
Dh = 0.05 Dp + Dp   not more than Dp + 5 mm, for Dp > 45 mm (1.772 in)

where:    Dh = pin hole diameter
          Dp = pin diameter

Would you use a clearance more than this presented above?

Thanks in advance.

Glauco de Deus Ribeiro
Civil Engineer