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Re: Bridge Girders with lead.

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Dear jose mendez - 

The method you're referring to is vacuum blasting.  Other methods for
localized removal include vacuum-shrouded power tool cleaning, or
chemical stripping.  All of them can be quite effective for the removal
of the paint prior to torch cutting and welding.  The methods are
summarized and individually rated in the Industrial Lead Paint Removal
Handbook, SSPC Publication 93-02.  Contact me directly at
ktrimber(--nospam--at) and provide your fax number - I can send you some
information.  Regards, Ken Trimber

jose mendez wrote:
> We are retrofitting a bridge built in the 60's.  We found lead in the paint
> and need to do some welding.  Any method known method to deal with the
> problem.   Its location made this hard to do.  I heard of a sandblasting
> method in which you can recover the media real easily.  Any comments, past
> experience, etc. is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Jose Mendez