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Re: Bridge Girders with lead.

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I used chemical stripping agents on a bridge several years ago, to clear areas
to apply strain gauges.  They work surprisingly well at turning thick bridge
paint into sludge and are readily available (even at your local hardware
store).  On the down side, they have some scary fumes and are pretty painful
should they touch exposed skin - almost certainly hazardous waste that could
add disposal concerns of its own.

Paul Crocker

jose mendez wrote:

> We are retrofitting a bridge built in the 60's.  We found lead in the paint
> and need to do some welding.  Any method known method to deal with the
> problem.   Its location made this hard to do.  I heard of a sandblasting
> method in which you can recover the media real easily.  Any comments, past
> experience, etc. is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Jose Mendez
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