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Computer Program Errors

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Computer Program Errors

I have found errors in computer programs. I have 
reported those errors to the PROGRAMMER. 
I get responses like "Send a mathematical proof", 
or "Oh OK". The new version is then published with 
the same error. Other USERS report that they were never 
notified of the errors I reported to the programmer. 


Diaphragm openings acting as "black holes" 
devouring forces that then never make it to 
the base shear. The total base shear is difficult 
to add up from the printout, but if accomplished, 
it does not equal the intended base shear.  The 
fix is to not have an opening with edges not in 
line with shear walls. The vaccination is to 
always add up elements in a program to check the 
global affects.

Beams deflections less than hand calculated 
deflections, for some choices of materials. 
Every beam result must be hand checked. (I opted 
to not use the program)

Partition weights not distributed to the roof for 
seismic analysis. The remedy is to calculate the 
system by hand or with your own program.

Rigid diaphragms not considered.

Shear wall programs where Eschewed shear wall 
components being divided into the given axis, and 
not recognizing that the principle axis is rotated 
from the given axis. Solution is to iterate angles 
to find the principle axis. Other solutions are to 
use other programs, or implement the x and y 
deflections of the x and/or y force to calculate 
the principle axis. Recall that principle axis is 
where the deflection vector is parallel to the 
force vector.

If columns don't line up with the next support 
below one program transfers the load to an 
imaginary pier footing that is not indicated in 
results. There is no simple way to add up 
all known footing loads to check the total. I 
found a way to list column lengths to 
discover such errors.

Programs that don't print out a full input, list 
of calculation methods and a full out-put. 
The only way to check such is to make your own 
program and check it. Plan check can cause a 
problem even if the results are correct.

Beam equations developing beam torsion stability 
for narrow "I" shapes that are incomplete. 

No warning of known errors. How about that! If a 
programmer is aware of this, how can there be no 

The above are only for discussion and must not be 
considered or used as opinion. The list is 
incomplete and is intended only to understand that 
a remedy may be needed for commercial programs.