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Second Attempt

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Several days ago, I posted a simple request asking for comments and
recommendations on some structural engineering programs that I was
considering purchasing.  The programs are MaxBeam, MaxQuake, and MaxWind by
Archforms, Ltd. of Portola Valley, California.
Dennis Wish responded with his recollections of a brief trial a couple of
years ago.  The thread was then "hijacked" by Christopher Wright (and
others).  It has subsequently grown into a wordy and repetitive discussion
of engineering knowledge and qualifications, the importance of first
principles, etc.
Returning to my original questions:  
Does anyone actually use this software?  
Would you recommend it?
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Hockeytown South
Note to those of you in Hockeytown North:  
I now feel somewhat prophetic in stating two weeks ago that the Redwings
must survive the Avalanche!