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Re: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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That is how I practice. We check our work in house. We do NOT rely on the 
local building official to check anything.

My office is located in Glendale. We do engineering designs all over the 
State of California.

The problem with the enforcement and the checking by the building official(s) 
is that the lack of any checking of the plans, details and calculations made 
by the EOR leaves a great deal to be desired when the engineer is attempting 
to cut all the corners and become a "builders engineer". 

Some jurisdictions DO check the calcs and some DON'T. My experience is that 
it is very difficult to compete when you do a competent design in an area 
where there are certain engineers that are aware of the pitfalls of the local 
building official's enforcement policies. I have actually seen a rather 
extensive two story single family dwelling with glass fronts across the rear 
of the building and a lot of structural steel members have a permit issued 
with NO calculations being made at all. 

I believe that the engineers that subscribe to this list are not inclined to 
cut corners but are accomplishing responsible designs and are interested in 
furthering their understanding of the Code. It is those few that I have run 
into that are very frustrating to me.

What can be done to bring the standard of engineering practices up to a level 
of Code complaince? Forget the local building official. Some are very good to 
excellent. Some don't have a clue. What can we as practicing responsible 
engineers do to raise the standard to the level that it should be? And what 
do we do about those "builders engineers" that cut all the corners and do not 
do designs that follow the Code provisions? Do we simply wait for those 
marginal (and few) engineers have enough failures in structures to drive them 
out of the business. What about the potential for loss of life? And what 
about the tarnishing of the reputation of the engineering profession?

John Ott