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Re: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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>While I have doubts as to the adequacy of the 
>design I don't know it to be a fact. If I knew it as a fact I would feel 
>obligated to tell the Architect and the local Building Official.
I think the genie's out of the jug. A couple of thousand engineers 
already know about your doubts, and it's no great stretch that more than 
a few of those have already done some numbers, at least mentally. I 
daresay there are at least a few who know the building you're talking 
about. Your architect client apparently has well-founded doubts and you 
know about that, too. 

Smartest thing you could do is tell your architect to get help, even if 
he weren't your client. If you think anything at all of the guy, you owe 
him at least the benefit of your doubts. I can't imagine letting someone 
walk over a cliff because I was afraid I'd get involved. Talk about 
shooting yourself in the foot...

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