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Building Officials

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In Canada, the building officials only look at the code issues and not any of the engineering issues.
In British Columbia, Canada, the Association of Professional Engineers has a mandatory Structural Concept review for all buildings except residential (one - two family dwellings) and simple structures not governed by the building code.
The structural concept review process is done by an independent registered professional Engineer and starts with review of the design criteria, verifies material properties, review the concept and integrity of all gravity and lateral loads, review the continuity of the load paths, review structural plans and supporting doicuments, perform design calculations on a representative sample of structural elements to determine whether the analysis, design and detailing generally complies with the appropriate codes and standards, at least 10% of the structure, discuss any concerns with the Engineer of Record and provide a formal Record of Structural Concept review.
As a member of the Sole Practitioners Committee of the APEGBC, we are concerned with the costs to our clients for a Structural Concept Review by an independent structural engineer. 
In the USA are independent reviews done by another engineers and are these costs billed directly to your clients?  
Jamie Lawson P.Eng.
Abbotsford, British Columbia