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Re: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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I have gotten a little confused about all the details of this thread and do 
not have the original posting, but here is my 37 cents of what I have 

1.	All engineers are obligated to the safety of the general public.  The 
confusion is to what degree are we required to warn "someone" of what we 
percieve as unsafe.  Thanks to lawsuits, there is no winning answer.  Tell 
the architect and he/she does not follow-up, then someone will say you should 
have then told the building inspector.  Tell b.O.also and he/she does not 
follow-up, someone will say you should have taken out a full-page add in the 
newspaper or called in 60 Minutes.  You have an obligation to notify at least 
the person that got you involved, at a MINIMUM.  If I read your original post 
correctly, that was the Architect.  

2.	Forget about the law, the Canon of ethics and any business ties.  
What do you feel the minimum should be done as a person with no guide but 
your own conscience.  What you think a person should do if they knew of the 
problem and you were sitting there using your Diners Club card?

3.	Our canon of ethics does not require us to perform free engineering 
because we percieve a design as less than we would have done.  I would 
beleive that several designs, if reviewed by another engineer, would come 
back with revisions to the core of the design.  I would think that the most 
we could do is not see certain 'features' are not present, rather than do we 
think it was large enough, strong enough.  For example, to find out there is 
no footing under a column would constitute a concern more than the fact that 
we felt is should have been 5'x5' versus 3'x3' .

I strongly agree with the posting that reminds you, you are no longer 
anonymous. UH OH....ALL of us that read/posted are now knowledgable of the 
possible problem.  Does that mean we have to call the BO?   Well that is my 
thoughs, now I got to send an email to Dateline.Com......

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL