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Re: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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In a message dated 5/18/99 10:32:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
JohnOttCE(--nospam--at) writes:

 I am a little reluctant to give the location of the restaurant where no 
 sensible engineer will dine. I feel that in order to do that I would have to 
 check the building by engaging in a time consuming effort at engineering an 
 existing building that is under construction on my own time. And all of that 
 effort for ....... FREE.
 However, my point is that there must be more than one building out there 
 is not necessarily "engineered" to sensible design standards. That was the 
 thrust of my comments.
 John Ott >>

I was being flipant in my remarks and did not intend them to be taken 
literally. I understand your frustration as this sort of thing occurs in my 
area as well. In my case it occurs when an architect convinces a client he 
can design more realistically than the engineer who will overdesign the 
project. In the course of his design, he bastardizes virturally every section 
of the code but happens to be lucky (depending on whose shoes you are in) 
enough not to be caught in plan review.

That's why I suggested you only tell the city:>)