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Re: RE: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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I believe the thread started with the architect calling his attention to
some potential problems and asking for input. I don't think that this would
fall into the same category as riding around like a posse.  If someone
specifically directs your attention in the direction, can you ignore and
walk away?

Paul Feather
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> > your obligation to protect the health and safety of
> >the public under the rules of engineering ethics takes precedence even
> >over the risk of losing this client for future work.
> Okay, we're all going to ride around like a posse, reporting every
> that we think doesn't stand up to our standards of Engineering
> and Acceptability, right?  Seems like we wouldn't have the time to do our
> work.  I realize that if "the sky is falling" or "the theater is on fire"
> have to do something--just as if there is "imminent danger" to the
>  But just because we see a building that we feel is seriously structurally
> deficient are we going to run up a red flag.  Frankly I see a couple dozen
> those every day--sometimes occupied by a building department.
> Just a thought, as someone said.
> Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
> Richmond CA