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Twisters - Thank You

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I wanted take this opportunity to that thank all of the community that
responded so quickly and generously to my request for forms and input with
regard to the tornado outbreak in OKC on May 3, 1999.  I wanted to
especially thank Audra & Rick Ranous, Roger Turk, Harold Sprague, James
Cohen, Fred Turner, Dave Messsinger, and Dave Puskas.

I have taken the information that I received from all of you and created a
formed which worked for a damage assessment in this situation.  A safety
assessment would have to be revised to something similar to the ATC20 form
due to the immediate nature of the situation when structural assessments are
needed for an immediate 'yes' or 'no' as to whether a structure can be
inhabited or put back into use, shoring required, 'get out now' etc..  This
is different than the evaluation of a structure as to 'what do we need to do
to make this safe for the life of the structure' for an insurance company,
client or owner scenario.  Anyway, I learn every day and thank God that no
more people were hurt or killed.  If this had happened anytime after
midnight or so, a majority of the 10,000 +/-homeowners would have been
asleep and unaware of what was headed there way.

Thanks again,

Blake Haley, P.E.
White Engineering Associates, Inc.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
405-528-4074; fax 528-4099

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Subject: Twisters

I am an engineer in Oklahoma City and as you are probably aware, we had a
serious tornado outbreak on Monday night.  We are beginning to get calls to
make damage assessments on structures ranging from large residential to any
size commercial.  I haven't had to do this morbid and upsetting task since
the Bombing in 1995 and I have switched companies since then, so I don't
have the forms we had created then for the many, many reports that we had to
generate in a short period of time.

I am asking for any forms for this purpose that some of you probably have
ready-made, so that I may head out today with some sense of organization.
It is not a pleasant task, but any help from the community on this LIST
would be greatly appreciated and I will pass on your best wishes to the