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Re: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Fe

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Aw, c'mon Debby, Lighten Up!

One of the things that has amazed people in other countries is how Americans 
can laugh at themselves.  And being able to recognize our foibles has made us 
a better country.  We have no elite that can do no wrong.

Ever have a caricature made?  These drawings emphasize certain 
characteristics that all your friends readily recognize, but you may not.  
Don't your friends say, "That's you!"

Get some records of old radio programs and listen to the likes of Fibber 
McGee and Molly, The Great Gildersleeve, and above all, listen to Fred Allen 
and his trips down Allen's Alley, where he talks to, among others, "Boris, 
the mad Russian," and Mrs. Nussbaum who always answers the door with, 
"No-o-o?"  In the Jack Benny program, didn't Rochester always get the best of 
Jack Benny?  Even listen to Amos and Andy.  These caricatures pick out 
certain characteristics and emphasize them and make them funny.

What do you think of those engineering cartoons that show the Leaning Tower 
of Pisa and two apparent engineers holding plans and saying, "Do you think we 
should have had a soils report?"  Is this degrading to engineers or do you 
think that it is funny?  What about the cartoon of a bridge that starts out 
from each abutment and fails to meet at the middle?  Is this degrading to 
contractors and surveyors or is it funny?

Lighten up!  It might keep you from having ulcers and heartburn.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona