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RE: Vlookup function for EXCEL97

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use =if(isna(c13),"Check...","")


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From: Eddie Gonzalez [mailto:Eagonzal(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US]
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 1999 2:51 PM
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Subject: Vlookup function for EXCEL97

Hello, need some feedback on use of Vlookup.

C12: W12x26
C13: +Vlookup(C12,Wshapes,42,False)

Problem:  I want C13 to flag a message when Vlookup returns "#N/A" because
could not find the shape such as, "Check Shape Size".  I have tried using a
nested "IF" function but doesn't seem to work.  I have also tried having the
adjacent cell, D13, read: If(C13=#N/A,"Check Shape Size"," ") but what it
returns is the value #N/A.  Any quick suggestions?

Perhaps I should be sending this request to the new listserver, but I cannot
join it yet since our network setup has a problem with the word "Admin" at
begining of an address.

ed gonzalez